QuickBooks Renewal Subscription - Reminder

There has been an industry-wide increase of reports of scammers impersonating tech support from legitimate companies, including Intuit. These scammers request access to your computer, diagnose a non-existent problem and ask you to pay for unnecessary - or potentially harmful - services. These scammers also send emails impersonating real tech companies, attempting to trick their customers. 

Intuit has recently received reports from customers that they have received emails similar to the one below. This email did not come from Intuit. The sender is not associated with Intuit, is not an authorized agent of Intuit, nor is their use of Intuit's brands authorized by Intuit.  


Please don't click on any links or attachments, or reply to the email.  We recommend you delete the email. For more information on how to protect yourself from tech support scams, please see our blog: https://security.intuit.com/index.php/home/blog/716-protect-yourself-from-tech-support-scams.


Thank you for being a valued customer.