How Intuit Protects You

At Intuit, keeping your data safe and secure is an important part of our business.

Protecting your information

  • We have workers whose sole purpose is to run a safeguarding program, monitoring and adjusting the program as circumstances change.
  • We continually perform internal risk assessments to determine and address potential risks.
  • We perform external security audits for critical financial applications.
  • We secure our facilities, our network, and our servers.
  • If we transmit financial information, we encrypt it and transmit it securely.
  • We prepare for disasters to enable timely and secure recovery.
  • We install virus protection on all relevant servers.
  • We continually scan our network for vulnerabilities and remediate against any we might find.
  • We run back-ups to a secure off-site location.
  • We have an incident response plan in place should it be needed and test it on regular basis to ensure we are ready to act.

Ensuring our workers handle your data securely

  • We perform background checks on workers at hiring.
  • We remove individuals’ access credentials to systems and facilities when workers leave.
  • We only allow authorized individuals access to information when it is critical to complete tasks for you.
  • We provide training on security and privacy to all workers at hire. Workers take the security training annually and the privacy training bi-annually thereafter.

Information about Verisign for our financial institutions

Verisign Seal Becomes Norton Secured Seal

On April 19, 2012, Symantec Inc. will change the name and logo for VeriSign Seal to Norton Secured Seal with a new graphical trust mark. Symantec will continue to use the same rigorous and proven authentication processes to verify businesses and websites.

VeriSign Trusted. Norton secured. Powered by VeriSign.

To maintain visitor trust and credibility in your websites, Symantec will convert all sites to the new Norton Secured Seal.

What does this mean for Intuit Financial Services solutions?

There will be no impact to you or your users other than seeing the new logo. Most solutions will automatically display the Norton Secured Seal immediately after the April 19 change. However, some solutions such as Business Banking and Custom Login pages will be changed more gradually. For additional information, read the Verisign Brand Transition Overview.

Intuit is very proud to be a part your success and security and look forward to continuing to partner with best in class products like the Norton Secure Seal, Powered by VeriSign.