Opt in versus opt out

What are Contact Preferences?

At Intuit, we take pride in our commitment to customers' privacy. We give our customers the option to select how they would like to be contacted or not to be contacted. You can "opt-out" of promotional communication delivered via phone, mail, or e-mail. In other words, you can let us know you do not want to receive promotions from Intuit.

What does it mean to "opt-out"

Opt-out is a choice you make to not receive promotional communication delivered via phone, mail or e-mail. The choice to opt-out means you will not receive promotional materials for Intuit products. Intuit offers many financial products and services for both consumers and small businesses. View a complete list of Intuit's offerings. If you do not specify any privacy preferences (do not opt-out), Intuit may contact you with promotional information regarding products and services that may be of interest to you. If you elect to specify your privacy preferences (opt-out of promotional communications), you will not receive offers from Intuit about products, services or special discounts that may benefit you, including offers on Intuit products you use.

What if I don't choose Intuit contact preferences?

If you don't choose Intuit contact preferences, we may contact you via e-mail, phone or U.S. mail to inform you of special offers or discounts that may interest you.

What if I opt-out? Will I miss out on special offers?

Yes - when you opt-out of mail, phone and e-mail you will miss announcements from Intuit about both special offers and product updates on products and services you currently own or use. You can opt-out of just one communication channel and still receive promotions by another channel. For example, if you opt-out of receiving promotional communication by phone, we may still e-mail you with special offers.

I only want to receive information on product updates for a product I own. Can I do that?

Currently, your choice to opt-out of promotional communication applies to all Intuit products and services.

I've opted-out but I'm still getting mail (or phone calls or e-mail) from Intuit. Why aren't you honoring my request?

Intuit respects the privacy and contact preference of our customers. It is our intention to always honor your preferences. If you continue receiving promotional communication from us after you've opted-out, it's usually traceable to one of two reasons.

First, some promotional materials may already be in progress when you opt-out. Depending on what preference you opt-out of, the cycle time to get your preference recorded could be up to eight weeks.

Second, some customers use a different name or address on their order/registration than in their contact preference. For example, a customer could register under "Paul" but "opt-out" using the name "PJ." It is important to provide us with accurate and complete contact information so that we may locate your customer account.

If you continue to receive promotional information after you have opted-out, please contact Intuit's Privacy Team, so we can help resolve your issue.