Data Stewardship Principles

What we stand for:

  • We are all accountable for upholding the data stewardship principles, which are consistent with our company values, especially Integrity without Compromise.

  • Our customers' privacy (and their customers' and employees') is paramount to us.

  • Our customers place a deep trust in Intuit because we hold their most sensitive data . . . therefore, we are a trusted steward of their data.


We will not:

  • Without explicit permission, sell, publish or share data entrusted to us by a customer that identifies the customer or any person.


We will:

  • Use customer data to help our customers improve their financial lives. This means we help them make or save money, be more productive, be in compliance.

  • Use customer data to operate our business, including helping our customers improve their user experience and understand the products and services that are available to help them.

  • Give customers choices about our use of data that identifies them.

  • Give open and clear explanations about how we use data.

  • Publish or share combined, unidentifiable customer data, but only in a way that would not allow the customer or any person to be identified.

  • Train our employees about how to keep data safe and secure, as well as educate our customers about how to keep their and their customers' data safe and secure.