The Intuit Account security checklist

We take your security and privacy seriously. Here’s how you can take your Intuit Account security to the next level the way that works for you.

  • Turn on two-step verification

    Two-step verification makes it harder for anyone other than you to get into your Intuit Account. If it’s turned on, we’ll ask you to prove you’re you in two ways when you sign in. For example, we might ask for your password plus a code we send you. This feature is especially handy for people who share a device.
  • Use fingerprint or facial recognition

    Fingerprint and facial recognition make it easy to access your Intuit Account quickly — and keep it secure. You can use the fingerprint and facial recognition features on your devices to take advantage of this feature.
  • Stay on top of email reminders

    Emails are an important way we let you know if something happens in your account. Staying on top of emails from Intuit helps you stay connected. We’ll let you know about changes to your password or personal information, or if new devices sign in to your account.
  • Check your sign-in history

    Your sign-in history shows each time you’ve signed in to your Intuit Account. It also shows what kind of device was used to sign in and into which Intuit offering, like QuickBooks or TurboTax. Keep an eye on your sign-in history to spot anything suspicious.
  • Monitor your credit

    Watching your credit is a great way to catch identity theft and other errors early. Credit monitoring services, like Credit Karma, offer free credit report and score monitoring. You’ll get notifications whenever your credit score changes or when your credit report is updated.
  • Spot fake emails

    Email scams are a common scheme to get you to share your personal information. These scams come in different forms, but often look pretty convincing. Here’s a few things to look for if you’re not sure that an email came from Intuit.

    • We’ll never ask for your personal information in an email
    • Our emails will always come from an email address that ends with “”
    • Any link we send you in an email will always be for an “” address

    Want to know more about spotting fake emails? You can learn more in our online security tips. Go to online security tips

    Got an Intuit email you aren't sure about? Check out our security notices for details of suspicious emails reported by other Intuit customers. Go to security notices

  • Avoid customer support scams

    These scams work by convincing you there’s a problem with your computer, then offering to fix it. Intuit won’t reach out to you to fix a problem with your computer. These fraudsters are really after your money or files. Our security tips can help you avoid fake customer support scams. Go to online security tips
  • Read up on security tips from our experts

    Technology is always changing, and so are all the ways you can keep your information safe online. Our expert tips can help you create strong passwords, spot fake businesses, and more. Go to online security tips
  • Keep your business’s processes in check

    Running a business is a big responsibility. Protecting your information includes protecting the information of everyone you do business with, especially your customers. These helpful reminders can help you keep your information safe. Learn more about information management